Deel is a major force in the global hiring, payments, and compliance space. Their goal: make hiring remote talent worldwide easier.  

Deel’s growth has been fueled by their ability to help customers onboard employees and contractors in a matter of minutes, all over the world. As part of their offering to customers, the Deel Marketplace offers tools and resources for Deel customers.  

We’re thrilled that Alludo’s Parallels Desktop for Business solution is now live on the Deel Marketplace, which is accessible to Deel customers. Parallels solutions provide the end user with the flexibility to work on any device, anywhere. That’s a perfect fit for Deel, whose customers are fully embracing the remote-first workplace. Businesses want to be able to hire people anywhere and deliver seamless access on the user’s chosen devices. Parallels lets them do just that. 

Being part of the Deel marketplace allows us to help more people work anywhere on any device and furthers our mission of reimagining the future of work. We’re all for it.