Our new Alludo brand is taking the 2022 industry awards scene by storm!  

Alludo made its official debut in September, reintroducing our company to the world. Building on 35+ years of innovation, our new brand is a nod to our mission to support knowledge workers in all you do. As the company behind some of the world’s most recognizable software brands, including CorelDRAW, Parallels, MindManager, and WinZip, Alludo reimagines our legacy by authentically representing not only who we are today, but also the promise of where we’re headed. 

I’m thrilled to share that in eight short weeks, our Alludo brand launch campaign has already received nine industry accolades from Muse Creative Awards and NYX Marcom Awards. These awards are part of a series of competitions hosted by the International Awards Association (IAA) that honor creativity and design in different variations of marketing and production. 

The incredible work to bring Alludo to life was recognized across categories including Corporate Identity, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Communications, and more. 

Proud to say #HelloAlludo 

These awards represent the extraordinary combined efforts of our brand, communications, marketing, and extended teams, but it’s much bigger than that. Offering technology that empowers productivity from anywhere on any device, we’re helping to drive the future of work as a place that challenges the traditional assumptions of what productivity looks like. Success is measured by outcomes not hours spent in an office. People get to choose their schedules and workspaces. We see the individuals behind the effort and know that in today’s world, business has never been more personal.  

Our award-winning brand is simple, and our message is bold. Deeply human and visually stunning, our new Alludo brand reflects our commitment to empower our teammates and customers alike to not only work better, but live better. Alludo resonates with people not just for how it looks or sounds but because of how it makes them feel

Alludo isn’t just about us, it’s about the new world of work  

There are many reasons why this rebrand matters right now, in this moment. As Alludo, we’re challenging the fundamental nature of work and redefining productivity for not only ourselves and our customers. The last few years have proven that results have little to do with offices or cubicles. And with our portfolio of software applications that empower knowledge workers to free themselves from the 9-to-5 office routine, we’re excited to usher in a new world of work. In fact, we’re so excited that we that we’ve given it a new name,Work3! 

Work3 is about empowering people to be productive when, where, and how they want. It depends equally on cutting edge tools and leaders who are confident enough to give people the flexibility to deliver great results, the way they work best. And we’re excited to see that we’re not the only ones who think this freedom is essential! In our latest survey, we found that nearly 75% of knowledge workers no longer want to work a 9-to-5 day. Sound intriguing? Check out our latest Work3 survey to get inspired and learn more about our vision for living and working better in this new world of work. 

At Alludo, we passionately believe that people achieve their best work when they can choose how they work best. And we’re committed to delivering exceptional products that make anywhere, anytime productivity possible. 

Freedom. Flexibility. Work3. It’s an exciting future and we hope you’ll join us for what comes next!