shorty awards

Trever Noah.   
Lady Gaga.  
Bill Nye.  

That list above? It’s a sampling of Shorty Award winners. And we’re on it.  (Don’t worry; we are definitely not comparing ourselves to the greatness of Lizzo or any others. It’s just a very fun list to be on.) 

Alludo took home a Gold Honor at the 15th annual Shorty Awards for our rebrand campaign, #HelloAlludo!  

We could not be more honored to have received this recognition—especially given that Shorty Awards are highly coveted awards that recognize the very best of digital and social media campaigns. And the competition is stiff. This year’s winners represent some of the world’s biggest names and brands. 

Award criteria  

Shorty Award winners are determined by a jury based on three main criteria: creativity, strategy, and engagement. 

We’re so thrilled that the jury recognized our efforts, which entailed a massively ambitious, comprehensive rebrand that reimagined everything from our positioning to our name. The result: a modern, stunning visual identity, deeply human messaging, and dynamic experience for both team members and customers.  

The new name, Alludo, is a nod to our purpose: empowering all you do. Our solutions give people the flexibility and freedom to create, ideate, and share anywhere, anytime, on any device. We’re reimagining the future of work by turning prescriptive and limiting notions of 9-5 office work on their head.  

Introducing Work3 

As part of this rebrand, we introduced ownership of the future of work—what we call Work3. Work3 challenges assumptions about productivity, recognizes the unique person behind the effort, and values freedom and flexibility. 

It’s fitting that we introduced Work3 as part of the rebrand, while living the Work3 values as we made the rebrand a reality. We embraced an all-hands-on-deck approach where everyone’s ideas were valued, and we leveraged the incredible individual strengths of the team. These varied skills meant we could be intentional about every imaginable element of a fresh new brand: our visuals, brand identity, voice, employee engagement programs, social media strategy and channels, and even the way we structure our product families.  

Partway through the rebranding, we created and had employees take a quiz to determine our “chronotypes”— the times of day when we do our best work. We were able to see these chronotypes play out as the Owls shared late night branding inspiration and the Honeybees teamed up for morning momentum. 

The rebrand process culminated in a dynamic Times Square billboard, where we introduced Alludo to the world. 

We have been so thrilled by the reception to our new brand, with enthusiasm coming in from team members, customers, partners, industry experts, and the media. This Shorty Award is the icing on the cake, and we’re immensely proud of the honor.  

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