There’s a neurodivergent nine-year-old in the San Francisco Bay Area who uses Parallels Desktop to play his favorite game on the operating system he’s most comfortable with.

There’s a small but mighty travel agency that runs exclusively on Apple computers, except two of the most essential solutions for planning booking and travel are not Mac-compatible. Parallels Desktop bridges the gap and lets them run Windows apps on a Mac.

An IT helpdesk specialist for Alludo who builds replicas of her remote team’s computers using a virtual machine in Parallels so she can troubleshoot complex IT problems without needing the physical device—or the employee—in the room with her. “Nothing is harder than helpdesk support in a remote setting,” she says. Unless, of course, you have Parallels Desktop.

These are just a few of thousands of stories that showcase the powerful role Parallels Desktop plays in the lives of individuals, teams, and businesses.

It’s story time

To celebrate these stories, we’re launching #MyParallelsStory, a multi-platform series that will harness and amplify the voices of people who use Parallels Desktop to run Windows apps on a Mac.

We’ll hear from Alludo employees and end users around the world. They’ll be invited to submit videos, blogs, social media posts, or whatever captures the moment.

We know not everyone uses Parallels Desktop (yet?), and we also want to hear from those folks. We’re pretty biased, but we think experiencing Parallels Desktop for the first time is pretty magical. You can run the apps you want on the devices you want, with easy installation, a simple learning curve, and no reboots needed. As part of the #MyParallelsStory series, we’re also inviting people to download and try Parallels Desktop for the first time, and then share their experiences.

Could we share your story?

We’d love to hear how Parallels Desktop fits into your life. Your story can help others maximize the benefit of Parallels Desktop, perhaps giving them ideas they’d never have thought of.

Using Parallels Desktop in a cool way? We’d love to hear about it! Share your experience using #MyParallelsStory on social media.

Stay tuned for more on #MyParallelsStory! We’re so excited to kick things off.