Parallels Desktop gave TravelEssence the ease of use, freedom, and flexibility they wanted

Andrew Morton knows a thing or two about transporting people to new experiences. He founded TravelEssence, a bespoke travel company, to help others break out of their routines and explore the world.

His reasoning for founding TravelEssence is very sweet: He met and fell in love with his now-wife, a native of the Netherlands, on a trip. He decided to take up residence there and turn travel into a career. His business took off (pun intended), but there was a problem: For all his ability to get himself and others out of their comfort zones, Andrew and his team were very much settled in their comfort zone when it came to operating systems. He loved Apple/Mac products and had no intention of switching to Windows.

The issue

Two of the most essential solutions for planning and booking long-distance travel are native to Windows and not Mac-compatible.

Their company’s entire IT backend was set up on Apple computers. Not a single Windows computer can be found on the desks of the roughly 60 employees. They didn’t want to compromise on what they saw as the benefits of Apple products, but they also didn’t want to stunt their competitive edge by being unable to leverage those essential travel solutions.

Were they stuck? Grounded? It seemed that way at first. TravelEssence wanted to deliver ease of use, freedom, and flexibility for their clients—but they were having a hard time achieving those elements within their own workspace.

They tried to leverage a preinstalled utility that purported to allow them to use a dual boot system to access the Windows products, but was clunky, lacked performance capability and finesse, and required constant rebooting—a death sentence in the fast-moving world of travel.

The solution

Enter Parallels® Desktop for Mac. Andrew stumbled on this solution via a Google search. He downloaded a free trial and quickly realized that this was the high-performance, sophisticated solution he’d been waiting for. Andrew loved its simple installation and seamless, resource-saving integration in macOS. The real gold star, however, came thanks to Coherence mode. With Coherence mode, allowed the OS X window and the Windows-based applications to be displayed on the same desktop, with easy copy/paste data transfer. No rebooting required.

With Parallels Desktop, TravelEssence found the ease of use, freedom, and flexibility they needed. Parallels Desktop allows Andrew and his team to have the best of both worlds: the reliability and ease of use of their preferred Apple products, with the best-in-class, Windows-native travel software that helps them serve their clients. They work together seamlessly, without hiccups or downtime—exactly what you want to achieve when you’re in the travel business.

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