As you may have heard, Corel is undergoing a major rebranding effort. We’ve even changed our name to Alludo. Ah-LOO-dough. It rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? And I love how it echoes something we’re really passionate about here: empowering all you do. 

This rebranding effort isn’t simply a fresh new look and vibe. It’s part of our sweeping commitment to reimagine what work looks and feels like—for our customers and for ourselves. We think it’s beyond time to do away with the old ways of framing up knowledge work. Are you tired of showing up by 9, keeping your head down, ticking the boxes, and then leaving at 5 so you can get on with the stuff you actually care about? Not surprising. We are too. 

For knowledge workers, that structure is not only tedious—it’s also counterproductive. Maybe some people can have fantastic ideas on command, but most of us get inspired unpredictably. And it doesn’t make sense that, for generations, knowledge workers have been told to do great work but do it within a super formulaic structure. Some of us are early risers who love to jump right into work before the day gets too crazy. Others love to burn the midnight oil and are most likely to have moments of genius at midnight. Maybe you thrive in the afternoon, or late morning, or sporadically throughout the day. Why aren’t we embracing that? 

Well, we are embracing that at Alludo. Completely. And not only do we not mind when you work, we also don’t mind where. To be sure, the pandemic fueled a global shift to remote and hybrid work, but too many companies are simply transitioning their conventional expectations and structure to the remote workplace. We want to totally separate outcomes from traditional inputs like when, where, and even how you work. Our team has even given this new way of working a name. Around here, we call it Work3, and we’re building it together.

When we gave our employees the choice of which type of work structure suited them best, a whopping 95% opted to stay fully remote. When we had our employees take a fun quiz to find out their working chronotype (the parts of day when they did their best work), the results were delightfully all over the map—folks of all working styles work for Alludo, and that’s how we like it. 

This aligns perfectly with our product offerings, which enable people to create, ideate, and share on any device, any time, anywhere. That’s why we’re the perfect company to lead this work revolution.  

To us, it’s not only about working better—it’s about living better. And these concepts are so central to who we are, we’ve anchored our brand around these beliefs: 

Alludo’s Work Better/Live Better Beliefs: 

Unapologetic Authenticity is the root of performance. 

Grit is more valuable than perfection. 

Simplicity is essential. 

Curiosity unleashes innovation. 

Accountability lets us go further, faster. 

True Freedom means working better and living better. 

We’re creating a work environment where we don’t just wax poetic about work/life balance. We want people to blend work with their lives—not try to balance it—and flow through the day in a way that allows them to thrive. We want to be part of their lives, not their whole lives.  

We believe that when people have true freedom at work, they get more excited about work. They’re more productive, less frustrated, and they can work smarter instead of harder. Why wouldn’t every company that employs knowledge workers lean into that? Soon, we hope they will. In the meantime, I’m a little biased, but perhaps folks should just come work for Alludo. (Interested? You can find our careers page here.)