At Corel, we’re proud to be a global leader in professional creativity and productivity solutions. Collaboration is at the very core of our offerings, and we’re serious about making it easier for people to connect and share ideas whether they’re in the same room or on the other side of the world, and using whatever device they want to us.

Since we’re such champions of collaboration, it only makes sense that we are always looking for ways to cultivate partnerships with people from other innovative, forward-thinking businesses. That’s the idea behind our redesigned, reinvigorated partner program, which launched last year.Why did we overhaul our partner program? We want to make it even easier for our partners to attract new customers, access additional revenue streams, and create fantastic experiences for their customers. 

There are a ton of reasons to check out the new partner program. Here are just a few:

  • A tiered program structure so you can customize your membership to your business needs.
  • A new and intuitive portal featuring 24/7 access to sales and marketing resources.
  • Pre-sales, technical, and customer support in multiple languages so you and your customers have what’s needed throughout the entire sales cycle.

The high profit margins and great resources of our partner program are the icing on the cake. The “cake” itself, of course, is our sweet suite of software brands, including the wildly popular and instantly recognizable CorelDRAW®, MindManager®, Parallels®, and WinZip®.

We’ve received great feedback on the reimagined partner program, and we’re loving the opportunity to collaborate with more businesses around the world.

Interested? Learn more about Corel’s partner program here.