Corel and our Parallels team raise the bar on workplace freedom with acquisition of cloud-based workspace technology Awingu.

I’m beyond thrilled to announce that Corel has acquired Awingu, the company behind the innovative, browser-based workspace that’s driving the future of remote and hybrid work. Awingu’s exciting technology is an ideal complement to our Parallels product portfolio, enabling workers to securely access server-based and SaaS applications, remote desktops, and files on any device, anywhere.  

The synergies between Corel and Awingu are remarkable – and go well beyond technology. Our cultures, missions, and sense of purpose are very much aligned. Ultimately, I believe it stems from our shared passion for creating workspaces that give workers the freedom to do their job in the best way they know how. From enabling customers to embrace new remote-work realities to the commitment we offer our employees to be productive in the way that’s best for them, this belief in freedom is a glue that binds us. It’s also the cornerstone of the new working reality we’ll create together. 

Parallels is already known for being a leader in virtualization solutions, and we’ve built our reputation on delivering access to applications anywhere and on any device. Adding Awingu to our portfolio gives us new opportunities to extend the power of Parallels to cloud environments. Together, we’ll foster productivity by giving businesses access to the three key things they need to get work done anywhere. 

To understand why this is such an important next step, it makes sense to look at how Parallels’ commitment to freedom has been changing the way the world works. 

  • First, we broke ground by offering users a powerful solution that lets them run their mission-critical Windows applications on a Mac (and most recently Chrome OS). Freedom starts with giving people access to their preferred tools, including much loved and business-critical legacy applications, on their preferred devices. 
  • Then we took the next leap in flexibility with Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server), enabling people to access the applications and desktops they need from anywhere. Your device. Your location. Your couch, coffee shop, corner office or cube. Parallels RAS empowers productivity on any device. 
  • Now we are adding Awingu’s SaaS workspace to the fold, extending our Parallels offerings to drive productivity in today’s many-cloud reality. With Awingu, we’re accelerating the workspace evolution and moving beyond the constraints of client/server, desktop and legacy application access. We share Awingu’s vision to easily, securely, and cost-efficiently enable the future of work in the cloud.  

To succeed, today’s organizations need a single vendor that can deliver the entire picture. With this acquisition, our Parallels and Awingu teams will innovate the next generation of comprehensive solutions that provide remote access to virtual applications and desktops, delivered on-premises, hybrid, and cloud-based, zero-trust environments.  

The workspace of the future is digital – not physical – and we’re building it.  

As we invest in Awingu’s business and expand its reach to new global markets, this impressive technology and, more importantly, the people behind it, have found a great home at Corel. An acquisition can only be successful if the team that joins your own are the people you would have hired yourself if you had the chance. Without question, Walter Van Uytven, Awingu CEO, and all our new Awingu teammates are those people. Their commitment to their craft and customers is inspirational.  

Combining the technological genius of our Parallels and Awingu teams, we can’t wait to create the new world of work, together.