social responsibility

The transformative power of volunteerism and corporate social responsibility can be especially impactful when a company harnesses its collective effort to serve its local community. A prime example of the impact of corporate volunteering is when our Malta-based Alludo employees used one of their dedicated corporate volunteer days and came together to donate their time and expertise to assist LOOP, a local community organization.

A hub of community activity: LOOP

Located in Balzan, LOOP is a remarkable initiative involved in several community projects that aim to address various social needs. The site encompasses a new shelter for 14 homeless individuals, an evening soup kitchen, and a future second-hand shop in Valletta. The challenges these projects face underscore the urgent need for corporate volunteering efforts.

Service in action: Alludo’s day at LOOP

Embracing our culture of giving,  27 Alludo employees (aka Alludians) arrived at LOOP, ready to contribute meaningfully and make an impact through corporate volunteering. They engaged in several tasks directly impacting the progress of LOOP’s projects:

  1. Furniture clearance: In order to create a safe and welcoming environment, our Alludians cleared out old and broken furniture from the premises. This created more usable space and ensured all areas could be outfitted with functional furnishings.

  2. Organizing resources: The team also cleared out redundant and dysfunctional equipment, helping LOOP streamline its resources and ensure smooth project operations.

  3. Deep cleaning: Post-refurbishment, LOOP’s Emergency Shelter needed thorough cleaning. The Alludians stepped up, deep cleaning the shelter, and creating a welcoming and clean environment for its residents.

  4. Aesthetic improvements: The volunteers refreshed the complex by sanding and painting apertures, enhancing the overall aesthetics and creating a more pleasant atmosphere.

  5. Infrastructure maintenance: Recognizing the need for maintaining infrastructure, the Alludo team carried out basic masonry work, ensuring the complex’s long-term sustainability.

The impact of collective volunteering efforts

Alludo employees showcased the power of collective effort by not only donating their time and effort but also making a significant monetary contribution. The company donated 1000 euros, and the employees rallied together to collect an additional 360 euros amongst themselves.

Additionally, Alludo employees made a conscientious choice to support Il-Kċina ta Marta, a kitchen that provides solidarity meals for those in need, by purchasing their lunch from there. It was a genuine testament to their commitment to supporting local causes.

Taking stock: The power of corporate volunteering

Alludo’s day of service at LOOP illustrates the significant impact corporate volunteerism can have in shaping and supporting local communities. By leveraging their resources and manpower, businesses can contribute significantly to the betterment of society. In essence, Alludo’s initiative serves as a reminder of how we can all harness the power of corporate social responsibility to make a positive, lasting impact.