Partner loyalty survey

One of the most valuable learning opportunities we have is receiving transparent feedback from our Channel Partners. This helps us shape the future of our brands and products, how we offer them to our customers, and even how we accomplish everyday tasks at Alludo. 

Our Partner Loyalty Survey encompasses feedback from nearly 70 of our partners and includes almost 200 free-form responses, along with various multiple-choice questions.  

Here are some of the key highlights: 

  • 75% of partners said they see cloud-based services as their main sales growth for 2023. 
  • 85% of users gave our partner portal the seal of approval. 
  • 60% of our partners are satisfied with the training materials provided. 
  • 84% of our partners found the Partner Connection monthly newsletter valuable. 

When asked about the types of training material that they preferred to receive, most partners cited that they liked getting videos, followed by webinars. It looks like learning via short form videos is the way to go, at least in the near future.  

Most partners agreed that they preferred short product feature videos as training material.

Iterations of “good” and “very good” were commonly written in when free form responses were encouraged. Some of the more detailed feedback we got back from the survey includes comments such as: 

“Easy and transparent to use.” 

“It is quite good in relation to other vendors.” 

“The Partner Portal is more colorful, more fun, and configurable.” 

These are just a few of the quotes from the survey, where we heard directly from our partners about what was working as well as what could use some improvement in our Partner Portal. 

Speaking of training, our partners generally found it to be effective, with over half of respondents ranking it at a 4 or 5 (out of 5, where 5 is considered the best). 

35.7% of partners rated our training format a 4 out of 5, and 28.6% ranked it a 5. 

So, what is the Partner Experience team doing with this feedback? 

While the results of our survey are certainly encouraging, we still have a lot of improvements on our radar that will make it even easier and rewarding to partner with us.  

For instance, our first goal for the responses above is to increase overall partner adoption of the portal, with at least 90% of feedback being that the portal experience satisfactory or at least neutral.   

In addition, we will use the voices of our partners via the survey to help shape our partner program and enablement tools. Our top three priorities are to:   

  1. Simplify the operational structure of the training and certification program, inclusive of the content delivery methods. 
  2. Implement new features and functionality in the partner portal to drive more adoption. We offer many tools and assets in our current partner portal and will explore new features like renewal and lead management for our partners. 
  3. In coordination with Partner Marketing, deliver enhanced content for partners to shape their go-to-market (GTM) campaigns. Partners will be able to use new co-branded assets and campaigns-in-a-box to name a few to kick-start their activities. 

At Alludo, we always value our customers’ opinions and want to find out what our partners truly want and need. Our annual Partner Loyalty Survey is a key factor and helps to spark those conversations — and keep them going as we continue to iterate and improve!  

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