It makes sense that MindManager is an integral part of Marian Kocmanek’s workday. After all, Marian works as a senior product manager for MindManager. But it’s not just that Marian does work for MindManager. He also very much works with MindManager. See what MindManagercan do for you.

It’s all a little Inception-esque, or “so meta,” as the kids say, because the person refining the product for consumers is also a consumer. But we think that’s how it should be. 

Would you trust an automobile maker who won’t drive their own car? 

Would you trust a baker who won’t try their own desserts? 

A better way to manage messages and feedback  

By relying heavily on MindManager for both his work and personal tasks on a day-to-day basis, Marian has an unobstructed, 360-degree view of the product and the consumer experience. If something is a barrier for him, it’s sure to be a barrier for others. If a new feature makes his life way easier, it’s likely to do the same for others. 

Of course, Marian and his team also pay close attention to consumer feedback. But when they get that feedback, they can relate to the raves and concerns on a much deeper level.  

And guess how Marian keeps track of consumer feedback, along with the countless other messages he receives daily from various stakeholders, partners, vendors, and colleagues? 

You guessed it. MindManager. 

“I have information coming at me from so many sources that it would be impossible to keep track of it without MindManager,” Marian says. “MindManager helps me capture ideas and messages as they come at me a million miles an hour, and then I can organize them later.” 

Maps for the multi-tasker 

Marian uses MindManager to take notes during meetings. He creates maps to track reminders and discussions and loves that he can hyperlink to a Teams message or a SharePoint repository so no one is saying, “Where is this from?” He includes survey data, escalations, communications,  personal thoughts and reminders—anything he might need to optimize results on a project.  

“MindManager lets me aggregate material and pick up the breadcrumbs,” Marian explains. 

He’s a multi-tasker who says he often has several maps open throughout the day so he can skip around as needed. Every map consolidates all the details for a particular objective, so he can pivot quickly and pick up right where he left off—without getting lost or needing to keep everything organized in his brain. 

“I really could have used [MindManager] in high school,” Marian laughs. “I had so much trouble focusing then—this would have been amazing for me.” Marian thinks that MindManager’s intuitive process drew him to the company in the first place. He joined the company in 2007 and moved to a product management role in 2015. 

During that long tenure, he has become a top expert on the product—yet he finds the most value in its core features, proving that you don’t have to be an expert to reap the benefits of MindManager. For Marian, the tool is about processes and flowcharts, maps and organizing, task and project management, integration with Microsoft Teams, and sharing ideas in real time. (Okay, that’s a lot of core features. But they’re all intuitive!) 

Staying productive in your work and personal life  

MindManager suits Marian’s style of information gathering so well that he has used it for personal tasks, too. He recently used MindManager to plan all the details of a trip to the Philippines with his wife. When taking on a renovation project at home, Marian used MindManager to track every element, including cost, materials, labor, and time. 

Marian is always looking for ways to make MindManager even better. He frequently puts himself in the shoes of current and potential users, asking what frictions might show up and figuring out how to solve them. That’s better for customers and better for Marian, because improvements in MindManager make it easier for Marian to stay organized and productive at work and in his personal life. (And we think it can help you, too!) 

Learn more about MindManager, download a free trial to test it out today.  

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The G2 Grid Reports have been released, and CorelDRAW®, MindManager®, Parallels® Desktop for Mac, and Parallels® RAS were awarded with recognition in multiple categories.  

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 

CorelDraw Graphics Suite was recognized as a Leader and High Performer in the vector graphics and photo editing categories. 

On the G2 website, reviewer Rasool Bakhsh M. said, “CorelDRAW is an outstanding visual computerization programming that has reliably surpassed my assumptions. As an expert visual planner, I have depended on CorelDRAW for quite some time, and it keeps on being my go-to device for making dazzling visuals. This thorough set-up of configuration instruments has genuinely opened my imaginative potential, permitting me to rejuvenate my thoughts with unrivaled accuracy and effectiveness. 
The strong typography highlights empower exact command over text, while the broad variety the board instruments guarantee precise generation of varieties across various gadgets.” 

Parallels Desktop for Mac and Parallels RAS

Parallels Desktop for Mac was recognized in the G2 Grid Implementation Index for Fastest Implementation in the Remote Desktop category.  

On the G2 website, reviewer Yasith W. said, “I recently tried out Parallels Desktop for Mac, and I have to say, it’s been a game-changer for me. Setting it up was a breeze, and even for someone like me who isn’t the most tech-savvy, the whole process was surprisingly easy. Once I got it running, I was genuinely impressed by how well it handled all those Windows applications alongside my usual Mac stuff – no lag or hiccups whatsoever.

The coolest part? The integration is so seamless that I can run Windows apps right alongside my Mac ones, almost like they’re all part of the same family. The interface is user-friendly, offering a bunch of viewing options to suit how you like to work. Plus, knowing that they keep it up to date and have a support team ready to help if needed gives me real peace of mind. Long story short, if you’re like me and need both Windows and Mac in your life, Parallels Desktop is the way to go – it’s made things a whole lot smoother and more enjoyable.


MindManager was recognized as a Leader for in the overall G2 Grid for Mind Mapping. Furthermore, due to MindManager’s ability to serve customers across a wide range of business sizes, it also appeared in the Small Business G2 Grid for Mind Mapping.  

MindManager was also recognized for Fastest Implementation and Best Estimated ROI. 

On the G2 website, reviewer Robert D. shares his thoughts on MindManager, reporting that, “At its base level it’s an excellent way to visualize and capture discussions and brainstorming. It’s very easy to use and there is no implementation required, so you just get a license and away you go. It can be used in every meeting or ideation session where abstract ideas linked together need to be captured.” 

G2 Grid Methodology  

How do G2 grids work?  Generated based on user-supplied product reviews and market presence data, these grids are designed to measure customer satisfaction and market presence. This data collected via product reviews on G2 is used to plot featured products on a quadrant with four sections: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders, and Niche.   

A unique algorithm is applied to these reviews and data is collected to calculate the customer satisfaction and market presence scores.  

Customer satisfaction scores track customer satisfaction via the end-user product attributes listed in verified user-submitted reviews on the G2 site.     

Market presence scores are a combination of 15 metrics from G2’s user reviews, publicly available information, and third-party sources.   

According to the G2 Research Scoring Methodologies Page, “Each input is normalized by category and segment. This means that scores are relative to other products in the category/segment and may change from segment to segment. The scores are then scaled from 0–100.”  

The full G2 Grid Report rankings can be found here

We’re honored to have been recognized by our customers as a leader offering high performing products that enhance today’s creative and digital landscape.