medical service booking

The mission was clear: simplify medical service booking by offering citizens a user-friendly platform to quickly and easily book services. To do so, the Groupement Hospitalier du Territoire du Loiret (GHT du Loiret) needed to find an affordable VDI solution and eliminate unnecessary technical difficulties on their user-friendly platform.  

Based in France, GHT du Loiret combines the expertise of health professionals with the technical platform of nine public hospitals in the Loiret Department and six nursing homes (EHPADs). GHT du Loiret was using a competitive solution for their medical service booking platform since 2004 but the complexity of the solution, the frequency of policy changes, and common price increases proved overwhelming.  

The issue 

GHT du Loiret was looking for:  

  • Simple implementation and workspace management. 
  • Elimination of external services. 
  • One solution for one price to avoid added costs for added features. 

Following yet another price increase from their previous solution, GHT du Loiret tested out Parallels RAS to see if it could offer them ease of use and provide cost savings. 

The solution 

Right off the bat, the team at GHT du Loiret were “were pleased to see that it took no time at all to put servers into production. The ease of use was undeniable since RAS’ automation enabled us to regenerate our servers in less than 3 minutes” explained David Fretault, Architect System Manager. 

After testing Parallels RAS in the pilot in 2019, GHT du Loiret found that it provides more value and seamless integration than their previous solutions. 

The success of the Parallels RAS pilot enabled them to move forward with the deployment, resulting in 550 concurrent users administering 40 applications. 

The main reasons for their decision to deploy: 

  • Simplicity: The ease of use was unquestionable. 
  • Device redirection: Universal printing and scanning capabilities were seamless. 
  • Cost savings: Parallels RAS licensing was more affordable than the competition and delivered more value with additional features. 
  • Performance: Switching to RAS was uninterrupted for the end user as it was perceived to be identical to the competition. 

Read the complete case study here or trial Parallels RAS today at your organization.