Alludo is honored to be recognized in TrustRadius’ Tech Cares Award as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) leader in the B2B tech industry.  

There are numerous avenues through which a company can engage in CSR endeavors, and the TrustRadius 2023 Tech Cares Awards honor those who have exceeded expectations in their pursuit of such initiatives.  

The key themes addressed by the 2023 Tech Cares Awards included: 

  • Volunteering efforts. 
  • Strong initiatives for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 
  • Contributions to charitable causes and fundraising. 
  • Cultivation of a positive workplace culture encompassing both remote and in-office staff. 
  • Commitment to promoting environmental sustainability. 

In a world where consumers are highly interested in aligning themselves with brands that participate in CSR, being recognized for positively impacting society and the environment is imperative.  

That’s why Alludo is incredibly proud to wear the TrustRadius Tech Cares Award badge, showing our dedication to our community and beyond! 

About TrustRadius 

TrustRadius is a credible technology platform that helps buyers find optimal software solutions via product information and consumer reviews.  

With over 12 million visitors a year, TrustRadius provides users with high-quality, verified, peer-based reviews and research to help consumers make the right software choices for their needs.  

Why choose Alludo? 

We’re incredibly proud to receive this award, as it provides tangible evidence of how Alludo makes efforts every day to maintain social responsibility. 

Alludo, formerly known as Corel, is a dynamic and innovative company at the forefront of interactive learning solutions. With a keen focus on transforming education and professional development, Alludo creates platforms that engage and empower users.  

Using cutting-edge technology, Alludo offers a diverse range of customizable tools that captivate audiences, making learning both effective and enjoyable.  

Whether you’re handling chasing your dreams or tackling everyday tasks, Alludo enables you to succeed.