cross-platform support

Managing excessive terminal servers and providing cross-platform support for their diverse user base was becoming a challenge for furniture retailer W.S. Badcock.  With more than 370 stores across eight states, the Virginia-based business needed a solution to streamline operations, minimize costs and deliver desktops and applications seamlessly to a range of devices. 

The issue

To help provide their 1,400 users access to corporate resources, Badcock had to leverage many terminal servers that published applications and desktops for remote users. While using Citrix as their virtualization platform, the retailer had to manage different group policies for different user groups. In addition, users were accessing resources from different operating systems, making cross-platform support challenging.

Badcock needed a solution that would provide adequate cross-platform support and minimize the number of terminal servers.  Enter Parallels RAS.

The Solution

Parallels RAS offers an all-in-one remote working solution that enables access to virtual applications and desktops on any device, anytime, anywhere. This centralized approach to managing their IT operations was just what Badcock was looking for.

Badcock was able to successfully transition to Parallels RAS and leverage the application publishing, load balancing and HTML5 gateway features to address their challenges.

By implementing Parallels RAS to deliver desktops and applications to their user base, Badcock was able to consolidate IT operations, and more importantly, provide unparalleled cross-platform support. 

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