compliment a coworker

In case you missed it, January 24th was National Compliment Day in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. We love the idea that there’s a whole day dedicated to telling other people how awesome they are, and it inspired a recent internal Brand Battle, #ComplimentACoworker. The employee recognition challenge was simple:  Compliment a coworker who demonstrates the company’s brand values, such as authenticity, grit, and accountability. The challenge ran for several weeks leading up to February 24th, and our Alludians shared their compliments on social media and a dedicated Brand Battle Teams channel.

The employee recognition challenge was a huge success, with compliments pouring in from across the company. From product marketing specialists to financial planning managers, Alludians recognized their colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the company’s brand values. Some of the standout compliments included:

  • Product Marketing Specialist Shahd Bekhit complimented Product Marketing Manager Sara Macdonald for embodying ACCOUNTABILITY. “She rolls up her sleeves every day and pitches in on whatever needs to be done,” said Shahd’s compliment. She shows up with solutions, not excuses, when met with a tough challenge.”
  • Jon Barger complimented his fellow Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Alexander McRae “for showing true GRIT,” adding “Keep on keeping on—can’t do this without you buddy.”
  • Internal Comms Manager Annie Norgaard shouted out Reed Younger, Internal and Corporate Communications Specialist, for his CURIOSITY. “Asking questions and always wanting to learn more, his enthusiasm and ‘learn-as-you-go’ mentality is an awesome quality to have,” says Annie, calling him “super inspiring.”
  • Localization Engineer Darrell McKay complimented Quality Assurance Specialist Sharon Potts “for being unapologetically AUTHENTIC. “She brings her whole self to work every day,” says Darrell, and Sharon’s “dedication to ensuring the products we work on are at their best, inspires me every day!”
  • Becca Chambers, SVP of Global Communications, complimented PR Manager Ashley Ruess for her unapologetic AUTHENTICITY. “Ashley is a shining star, bringing intelligence, a flair for creativity, and outside-the-box thinking,” Becca’s compliment read. “She’s authentically Ashley, and the more we get to see of that, the more she shines. Thanks for being awesome, Ashley!”

Each compliment meant a chance at winning some sweet Alludo swag, but based on the reactions in the Brand Battle Teams Channel, everyone’s already feeling the reward of a little extra appreciation.

Alludo’s employee recognition challenge is just one of the many ways the company is building a culture of gratitude and appreciation. Through its “AlluDough” program, employees can also give each other points that can be redeemed for gifts and swag. These programs help foster a positive work environment where employees feel valued and recognized for their contributions to the company’s success.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and thank YOU for all you do!