cloud-based solutions

In the dynamic landscape of Managed Service Providers (MSP), Vyon Technology stands out. Founded in 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, Vyon Technology has carved a niche in offering specialized managed application and desktop services to sectors like medical, financial services, and construction. Mike Tatar, the visionary behind Vyon, recognized early the shift towards cloud-based solutions, steering the company to innovate and grow in this direction.

Find out how Vyon used Parallels RAS to build three core cloud-based solutions that complimented their toolbox of offerings. 

The issue

As Vyon Technology expanded, they faced the daunting task of managing a cloud platform efficiently while keeping costs in check. They needed a solution that was secure, scalable, and easy to manage. Initial ventures with Microsoft Remote Desktop Services proved complex and costly. A Citrix-based solution was robust but required dedicated administration, an expensive proposition.

Vyon Technology built their own cloud platform from the ground up and established two data centers. As part of their growth, they needed load balancers, dual factor authentication, and reporting.

The solution

Enter Parallels RAS. Its simplicity and built-in load balancing solution appealed to the team at Vyon. Parallels RAS stood out during a 30-day testing phase for its ease of setup and robust performance. Key users, especially CPAs, tested it in rigorous scenarios like printing tax forms. The positive outcome led Vyon to integrate Parallels RAS into their service offerings.

Vyon Technology leveraged Parallels RAS to develop three core cloud-based services: Application Cloud, Business Cloud, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). They catered to diverse client needs, including white-label solutions for unique branding. Parallels RAS’s features like Multi-Factor Authentication, multi-tenancy, and built-in redundancy enhanced Vyon’s service efficiency and reliability. This adaptability was particularly beneficial during high-demand seasons like tax periods.

Adopting Parallels RAS resulted in an impressive 30% growth for Vyon Technology. Key benefits included cost efficiency, savings on external consultants, an efficient administrator console, increased uptime, and customized reporting capabilities. The ease of managing the hosting environment, even from a smartphone, highlighted the flexibility of Parallels RAS.

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