Alludo executive

I’m thrilled to be starting at Alludo as thenew Chief Revenue Officer. There are so many reasons I was drawn to this role and this company, but it boils down to these:

Great leadership team.
Great challenge.
Great platform.
Great support.

When I initially sat down with Christa (our CEO), we connected right away. The conversation was like old friends chatting. Then I met with the rest of the leadership team, and I connected with them, too. I was actively looking to join a talented team, and here I found that and so much more. There’s such a sense of transparency, agility, knowledge, and care for employees. The culture of an organization is a big factor for me. I initially studied electronic engineering for six years but found that I was fascinated by different cultures, and ultimately stepped off the Ph.D. track to pursue business because I found that it was a way to blend my interest in people and cultures with my interest in solving complex problems.

That interest in solving complex problems is another reason I’m here. The chance to solve problems in a global, multicultural environment like Alludo’s is exactly where I thrive. I see such possibility here in growth and transformation, both inside and via M&A.

M&A is one area that I find very rewarding. When you combine two entities, you’re required to hold up a mirror and evaluate what each brings to the table and how they do things. In technology, the best idea wins. M&A forces honest evaluation, which accelerates growth.

In addition to M&A, my background is in tech, telco, and sales (high-velocity, enterprise, and SMB). Before I came to Alludo, I was Chief Revenue Officer at Aircall, a cloud-based contact center provider. The fact that Alludo is embracing remote work and making remote work easier resonates with me. In my previous role, remote work was central to what we did. I’m a strong believer that remote work is better for work/life balance and makes teams more effective across many dimensions. That said, I acknowledge that remote work creates the problem of potential difficulty in building relationships. I think relationships and a sense of community are essential. It’s not impossible within remote work, but you have to be intentional about building those. In the past I’ve encouraged personality tests and other elements for new employees that help them get to know each other and absorb the culture.

Speaking of personality tests, I recently took Alludo’s chronotype quiz and I’m 57% turtle. I was hoping to be a tiger or lion or something, but I guess that wasn’t an option. Still, the turtle makes sense for me—turtles like to be the go-to resource for people, always willing to help out. I also really like being outdoors, near mountains and near the water. Maybe that makes me a sea turtle? Hopefully not a snapping turtle!

Outside of work, I live in Texas with my wife and two boys, and I am originally from Argentina. Living around the world, experiencing other cultures and dabbling in three languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese) is important to me personally and professionally.

I look forward to playing an integral part in Alludo’s growth and transformation!