Earth Day is a reminder that we need to take action to protect our planet, and our Mauritius office is taking a positive step towards reducing their carbon footprint. In October and November 2022, two administrators at our two-floor office building – Business Operations Manager Natalia Shvaykovskaya and Administrative Manager Kuldarshini Mahadeo-Prayag – noticed a sharp increase in electricity usage. In response to this, they decided to start the Work-off@Lights-Off campaign, which is aimed at promoting sustainability and reducing Alludo’s carbon footprint.

The campaign encourages employees to take a pledge and join the company in their efforts to conserve energy. The three-part plan is simple:

  1. Turn off lights when leaving a room or any unoccupied space.
  2. Switch off air conditioning when not in use, or when leaving the office.
  3. Unplug chargers when not in use. 

The company also uses all lights with LED lights, which are more energy efficient.

Natalia sent an email to all employees asking them to join the campaign, take a pledge, and help Alludo reduce its carbon footprint. The results have been impressive. With an average of 70-80 employees coming into the office each week, the space was consuming 10,245 kilowatts in December 2022.  By January, this dropped to 9,375 and then 9,710 in February. These numbers show that the efforts are working, and the company is making solid progress in reducing its energy consumption.

One of the unexpected benefits of the campaign is that employees are now taking advantage of the natural light in their workspaces. This not only reduces energy consumption but also has a positive impact on employee well-being, as natural light is known to boost productivity and mood.

The Work-off@Lights-Off campaign is an excellent example of how small changes can have a big impact. By taking a pledge and making simple changes to our daily routines, we can all contribute to a more sustainable future. As we continue to celebrate Earth Day this month and every day, let us take inspiration from this story and make a commitment to do our part in protecting our planet.

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