I couldn’t be more excited to join Alludo as the new Chief Financial Officer. Alludo has such a strong brand identity and culture that I feel like I knew exactly what to expect—and I was right. In the best way possible. 

Alludo appealed to me for so many reasons. Early on in the process, it became clear to me that my personal and professional values are very much aligned with Alludo’s company values. I’m focused on growth, efficiency, and simplicity—and I can see all those elements here. And so much more. I was so impressed with Alludo’s commitment to Work3, including the company’s emergence as a leader in embracing and celebrating neurodiversity at work and encouraging people to bring their whole selves to work. That is so important to me, and I feel a ton of pride working for a company that is vocally advocating for what they believe in. I’m a huge advocate for Parkinson’s awareness and research, and I know I’ve landed in a place where being genuine and passionate about a disease that impacts millions, in very different ways, will be welcomed. 

As for my professional history, I’ve been fortunate to have a 30+ year career, including 25 years as a CFO. Most recently, I was CFO of Avetta, a SaaS solution for contractors and supply chain. Prior to that, I was CFO of Appriss, a global SaaS provider for safety, retail and healthcare fraud and risk solutions. I specialize in technology and global profitable growth companies ranging from $100M to >$1B revenue. I’m passionate about working alongside great teams to build and elevate high performance companies, and I’m so excited by what we’re achieving here. 

My goal: purposeful, operationally focused, data-driven, strategic leadership that drives results. I love an opportunity to roll up my sleeves and dive in with a hands-on approach. Being able to do so with a great team is the ultimate reward.  

And I’m excited to have fun along the way. I recently took the Alludo Chronotype Quiz and I’m proudly a turtle, though don’t mistake that for being low energy. I’m quite the opposite, and I completely resonate with the description of a turtle as a go-to, steady resource who works hard and gets stuff done. 

One more thing—I’m grateful for Alludo’s remote-first environment and I’m fully taking advantage of it, with more time at home with my wife Lisa – not having a daily commute is wonderful.  But, I will be hitting the road soon enough to be out visiting with many of you too. 

I’m appreciative of the warm welcome I’ve received already. And I’m honored to be here.