TrustRadius awards are highly respected, and for good reason. The TrustRadius “Best of” awards are user-driven. There is no paid placement. “Best of” awards are based on the following: 

  • Volume. Source a minimum of 10 reviews between January 1 and June 30, 2022. 
  • Statistics. Products are selected based on Key Insight statistics: Best Value, Best Feature Set, and Best Relationship per category.
  • Updates. The product must be updated and accessed through the TrustRadius vendor portal before June 30, 2022. 
  • Vetting. As needed, additional vetting via textual review analysis is performed by the TrustRadius research team and a product’s newest review volume is heavily weighted.  

TrustRadius is an independent, third-party review site used by over 1 million B2B technology buyers each month (over 50% of which are from large enterprises) to make more informed purchase decisions.  

We’re thrilled that our solutions received such strong recognition based on experiences from real users. This authenticity and exceptional user experience is exactly what we strive for. 

Corel is honored to have received recognition in multiple categories for multiple products in the 2022 Summer “Best of” awards from TrustRadius. Here’s an overview of our awards:

MindManager® and Parallels RAS®:

Best of: Best Feature Set. The Best Feature Set award is based on the highest percentage of respondents who were happy with the product’s feature set. 

Best of: Best Relationship. Best Relationship looks at Key Insight data for Would Buy Again, Implementation Expectations, and Sales and Marketing Promises. 


Best of: Best Value for Price. The Best Value for Price award is based on the highest percentage of respondents who were happy with the product’s value for the price. To be considered for the Best Value for Price award, products need to have their pricing listed and active. 

MindManager is a suite of productivity tools that helps users to gain more clarity in business planning, optimize tasks and workflows, and capture and share vast amounts of knowledge. It provides visual diagramming for just about any business need, from product roadmaps and project plans, to meeting agendas and sales forecasts.  

Parallels RAS is a simple, secure remote work solution that provides 24/7 virtual access to applications and desktops, on any device. End users can work remotely through the Parallels Client (locally installed) or the Web Client to access the files, applications, and desktops they need in a secure manner and via the browser of their choice, even when switching networks or devices. 

Parallels RAS also enhances user productivity on any device with its simple, intuitive user interface with native gestures—users can swipe between applications and files, copy and paste, drag, and pinch to zoom with ease.  

The MindManager, Parallels, and Corel teams are thrilled that MindManager and Parallels RAS were honored with such prestigious, user-driven awards.