Parallels RAS & Awingu Cloud Workspace change the reality of remote work on any device, application, and infrastructure.

As Chief Technology and Product Officer at Corel, I couldn’t be happier to share the news that we’ve acquired Awingu. This exceptional technology and team will be a tremendous asset to our Parallels business, and I’m honored to now work with the people behind Awingu and its powerful workspace. 

At Corel, we’re committed to driving what comes next – and that means this acquisition comes at an exciting time. The shift to remote and hybrid work has seen a huge number of people relocate from offices to anywhere. And this transformation is also taking place within companies as they evolve from on-premises infrastructure to private and public clouds.  

Very few companies exist in one world or the other, and we understand the need to bridge the physical/on-prem and cloud worlds and serve both effectively. Decentralized work demands remote access to the mission-critical applications employees need to do their jobs, whether that’s a legacy Windows app or a SaaS application running in a many-cloud environment.  

Our team has an impressive track record serving this space with Parallels RAS (Remote Application Server). We’re proud to offer this leading VDI solution that enables remote access to applications and desktops from anywhere on any device. Recognition and accolades from Security Today, TrustRadius, the Channel Innovation Awards attest to our leadership in this space. 

Now, we’re excited to innovate our next generation of solutions that will bring together the power of Parallels RAS and Awingu to change the remote work and business landscape forever.  

Awingu’s secure remote access technology acts as a VPN alternative by leveraging a comprehensive, browser-based “clientless” approach to enable secure access to applications, desktops, and files – from any device, anywhere. With no agents to be installed on servers, this lightweight appliance is easy to deploy and configure. Awingu technology is a critical leap forward for businesses embracing cloud-based infrastructures and decentralized workforces. It empowers customers to get the right information and tools in the right hands at the right time on a preferred device. Plus, it’s an essential solution to meet the rise of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) that demands seamless cross platform functionality. 

By adding Awingu to the Parallels tech stack, we’re taking a major step toward building the future of work that acknowledges the realities of today’s varied landscape. We know that companies depend on a mixture of legacy applications, on-premises assets, hybrid architectures, and the cloud. As applications migrate from on-prem to private cloud, customers (and our partners who serve them) want to simplify their deployment of VDI/DaaS solutions and eliminate the need for multiple security appliances. With this move, we’re enabling them to do just that by integrating with a variety of identity management solutions and eliminating the need for a VPN server.  

Parallels RAS and Awingu deliver a unique one-stop solution to access both legacy and cloud-native applications. Together, we empower companies to easily maintain employee productivity on their preferred device, application, and infrastructure. And deployment can happen in hours instead of weeks or months. 

There are so many implications for this powerful offering. I imagine an administrator for a mid-market healthcare company that deals with heavy regulatory and compliance issues. They’re on the path toward a cloud-based infrastructure but still need to run legacy applications. Choosing between security and productivity is not an option. The IT department is understaffed, and they need to streamline everything. Parallels and Awingu will make this all possible within a unified, intuitive, and secure workspace.  

The result is what we all want. Better employee experiences, reduced risk, enhanced outcomes, more efficient operations, and the flexibility to scale and shift along with the business. 

I am so excited to welcome our Awingu team, technology, and customers to their exceptional new home in the Corel family. We will build this remarkable future, together.