Corel has been a beloved and trusted industry titan for 35 years. We’ve seen the world change, and we’ve evolved along with it. In fact, we’ve evolved so much that we’ve outgrown the brand we used to be. We’re incredibly proud of Corel’s legacy. We also believe the best way to honor that legacy is to boldly move forward. 

When I came to Corel, I knew I was joining a company with an impressive technology portfolio and history. I also discovered that this legacy came with narratives and assumptions that no longer matched who we had become and what we were delivering to customers. Today, everyone in our organization is immersed in reimagining the future of work. With a focus on connection, collaboration, and the cloud, we’re dismantling generations of notions about what work should look and feel like. It’s an enormous shift, and we’re taking on an enormous role in that shift. 

That’s why this feels like an authentic time to reimagine our brand and reintroduce the world to who we are and what we offer.  

Meet Alludo.  

Alludo is now the parent brand for all our sub-brands, providing a new level of cohesion and intention that has been a long time coming. The iconic names of our products—Corel®, MindManager®, Parallels®, and WinZip®—aren’t changing, and we remain as focused on their success as ever. 

Why Alludo (ah-LOO-dough)? It’s a nod to our purpose: empowering all you do. We offer the solutions that enable people to create, ideate, and share information anywhere, any time, on any device. Delivering on this promise fits right into how we’re reimagining the future of work as a place where outcomes are decoupled from time and space.  

In this new world, people aren’t caught up in how many hours you put into a project or whether you’re doing that work in a cubicle or on the couch (or the beach). We care about working better and living better—making it easy to do what you do best. 

We believe that, for knowledge workers, the days of working 9-5 (shoutout to Dolly Parton) are numbered. We believe the time has come to break free from the grind and tedium of everyday routines dictated by leaders who seem more concerned about controlling inputs than inspiring results.  

That doesn’t mean we’re inviting anarchy. As CEO, I can assure you that I’m not interested in lowering my expectations. In fact, I’m raising them. We’re employing incredible people and expecting them to have the self-awareness and capability necessary to produce amazing work without a manager peering over their shoulders.  

We call this new reality Work3, and it’s a major paradigm shift not only for me, but for leaders everywhere. And while there may be some discomfort and a learning curve as people embrace this new and flexible way of working, we’re already leaning into it here at Alludo and the results speak for themselves. 

I’m beyond thrilled about where we’re headed, and I’m looking forward to sharing much more with you as we fully implement our new brand over the coming months. Even if you think you know us, I invite you to take another look. In the meantime, on behalf of the entire Alludo team, we’d like to thank you for all you do