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As an organization, we take immense pride in creating a culture that fosters growth, innovation, and happiness. And now, we’ve got an official badge to prove it!

We are incredibly honored to announce that our Mauritius office has been certified as a “Great Place to Work” by the global authority on workplace culture – Great Place to Work®️. This esteemed certification recognizes employers around the world that excel in providing an outstanding employee experience.

So why is this certification a big deal, you ask?

Being certified as a “Great Place to Work” is not merely a title. It’s a testament to our commitment to providing an environment where every individual can flourish, both personally and professionally. It speaks of trust, camaraderie, and the shared values that resonate with every Alludian.

With offerings including a corporate volunteer program and dedicated wellness days, Alludo’s core philosophy revolves around fostering positive impacts and fueling a sense of well-being. Achieving this certification reinforces that we’re on the right track.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, the Great Place to Work Certification is no small feat. It recognizes employers who go above and beyond in creating an outstanding employee experience. Think of it as a Michelin Star for workplace culture! To be certified means we’ve been researched, scrutinized, and verified. The best part? This certification gives Alludo a recruiting advantage, showcasing our commitment to offering nothing but the best employee experience.

And while we’ve been certified until the end of May 2024, our commitment doesn’t stop there. We see this recognition not as the end goal but as a stepping stone. It motivates us to keep pushing boundaries, keep engaging in meaningful dialogues, and above all, keep prioritizing the well-being and happiness of our Alludians.

The new year has a way of making people introspective, evaluating who they are and what they stand for. It affords the chance to release things that don’t serve you anymore, and welcome in new ideas and new paths forward. Our company is no different. When Alludo recently underwent an ambitious, sweeping rebrand, we weren’t only reimagining how we show up in the world. (Though that’s a big part of it.) We also seized the opportunity to reimagine the entire future of work.

Like we said, ambitious.

We’re dismantling generations of notions about what work ‘should’ look and feel like. We knew that, during our rebrand, we wanted to establish values that could both represent us and be an authentic reflection of how we envision the future of work for the world. (The word ‘authentic’ is some serious foreshadowing here.)

As we settle into this new year, we want to share them with you.

A feel for our values

This is not your ‘corporate values’ of the past, when every company had the same posters with cats clinging to branches and the word PERSISTENCE across the bottom. Flashbacks, anyone?

These had to be very true to us, our purpose, and our mission. We’ve been fortunate to have a major uptick in job applications to Alludo since our rebrand, and we want applicants to really feel these values from their first moment they lay eyes on a job description all the way through the hiring and onboarding process, and of course while they’re here.

There was a lot of internal discussion. We had to both honor our 35+ year legacy and capture where we’re going next. They had to be specific enough to be unique to us, but applicable to knowledge workers everywhere.

We even discussed the word ‘values’ and whether that’s really what we were talking about. Were they values or promises? Were they requirements? A code of conduct? Were they aspirational or a mirror of who we are?

The alignment of values and beliefs

Ultimately, we landed on work better/live better beliefs. You might see beliefs and values used interchangeably in our content, and that’s okay. We think what you believe in and what you value should be in alignment.

Working better and living better is exactly what we’re focused on as we build the future of work. So, these beliefs are both authentic to who we are and a set of guideposts to aim us forward, because we know there is still work to do.

Okay, we’ve built things up enough. Without further ado, here are Alludo’s work better/live better beliefs:

  • Unapologetic Authenticity is the root of performance. We bring our whole selves to work, embracing our identity, our struggles, our unique abilities, our bad days, and our bad*ss days. We care about what we do and we care about each other and our ideas. We champion diverse perspectives and backgrounds because we know it drives better decision making – and better results. We insist on inclusion because we know it makes our teams more productive. We foster true belonging that’s rooted in respect, not simply acceptance. We act with humility, honesty, integrity, and candor. ​
  • Grit is more valuable than perfection. We are courageous. We build guardrails and take risks within those guardrails. We occasionally fall flat on our faces, and then we brush ourselves off and learn. We find the testable hypothesis. We would rather fail than stagnate. We do not settle for the status quo. We know we cannot grow by standing still. We persevere through challenges, celebrate strengths, and are open about vulnerabilities.  ​
  • Simplicity is essential. We operate in a complex industry with complex challenges, but we don’t overcomplicate. We focus. We strive for fast, effective action. We practice restraint and fight for clarity. We empower people to do their jobs and then we get the heck out of their way. We understand that the simplest path is often the best one, and we don’t conflate complexity with competence. ​
  • Curiosity unleashes innovation. We are shameless geeks and voracious learners who are always striving to ask better questions. We’re the kids who wouldn’t keep their hands down in class. We know that curiosity leads to innovation. When we test the boundaries, we can truly see how far we can go. We think performance exists at the intersection of creativity and data. We seek the right data to unleash more questions and refine the path forward. Curiosity also fosters stronger relationships based on reciprocal interest and vulnerability, and we’re all for it. ​
  • Accountability lets us go further, faster. We are each accountable for our own work and our own path. Sometimes the opportunity is seized instead of granted. None of us are above any work that needs to be done. We roll up our sleeves and pitch in. We value stepping into the arena, not commenting from the cheap seats. We work hard but with our head up, so we can navigate deftly around the obstacles. We believe that working harder means working smarter, and also knowing when to take a nap. We advocate for the better path. We share successes and own areas of opportunity. We seek solutions instead of excuses.  ​
  • True Freedom means working better and living better. We embrace physical freedom, working in the space and style that suits us best. We relish the opportunity to enhance our own lives and the lives of our customers, inviting them to take up space and create freely and more productively in all they do. We embrace psychological freedom, feeling safe to share opinions, take risks, speak up, and challenge others. Flexibility is a buzzword that people often ask for. We believe that what they’re truly seeking is freedom. Freedom unleashes true potential, true possibility, and true passion for what you spend your life doing. We spend a huge percentage of our time at work. Let’s make it work better.​

Whether you’re a potential candidate, an employee, a customer, or a partner, or someone simply stopping by, we hope these resonate with you.

Read more about our valueshere.

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