The Partner Program is one of the core elements that drives our success and makes Alludo exceptional. We truly value collaborating with our partners to respond to challenges and reach new heights of success, together. Our strategic partnerships help Alludo build better solutions and accelerate innovation in a competitive landscape, which is why we are so proud to share this update.  

Our CMO, Michelle Chiantera, recently spoke at the TechTarget Partner Marketing Visionaries Summit on a panel alongside fellow CMOs Susanna Parry-Hoey, Chief Marketing Officer of SoftwareOne, and May Mitchell, Chief Marketing Officer of Ontinue.  

About the talk 

The talk focused on the unique challenges of collaborating in an impactful way with partners and how working with diverse internal and external teams in an organization requires clear vision and a superlative understanding of the partner ecosystem.  

In general, a company’s Partner Marketing organization is one of several important teams CMOs are responsible for, overseeing their growth, development, and success. Because a Partner team encompasses stakeholders outside the organization that are involved with marketing decisions and activities, there are many complexities for a CMO to consider.  

Listen to the recording as Susanna Parry-Hoey, Chief Marketing Officer of SoftwareOne, sits down with CMOs May Mitchell of Ontinue and our own Michelle Chiantera of Alludo as they share perspectives on turbocharging their Partner Marketing organizations. 

What was covered  

This March 30 session on supporting and empowering your partner organization addressed the following topics: 

  • The primary challenges CMOs face with their Partner Marketing organization in 2023 and beyond and how to overcome them. 
  • Trends in Partner Marketing programs and techniques for leaders and their teams, such as automation and the components of a successful team, including the ability to build strong relationships and the capacity to learn and grow within an organization. 
  • Why Partner Marketing needs to be fully integrated into the business, not siloed or off on an island. 
  • The unique motivators and drivers for partners, which are a diverse group that includes MSPs, ISVs, and more (at Alludo specifically, but of course other organizations have similar challenges). 
  • How CMOs can manage the rapidly growing and changing Partner ecosystems within their organization. The talk touched on four areas where teams are challenged: 
    • Recruitment
    • Growth
    • Enablement
    • Retention
  • Other ways CMOs can support and empower their Partner Marketing team. 
  • Tips on getting the most out of your Partner relationships and maximizing their results. 
  • And more! 

To sum it up, Michelle said it best herself… 

“There’s nothing more rewarding than to work with a partner and see that partner grow their business…and see them get recognized and rewarded for the work you did together. I think that partner marketing is one of those functions where you see your human impact in spades!  

What motivates me is seeing the impact.”  

Our partner marketing team (and the rest of the Alludo organization) couldn’t agree more. 

Listen to the recording now!  

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