By now, you’ve likely heard that Corel is totally reimagining what work looks and feels like. We’re also reimagining ourselves, including changing our name to Alludo (say it “ah-LOO-dough”). 

This is an incredibly exciting time fueled by boundless possibility and bold forward motion. The new Alludo is characterized by an unrestrained spirit, alive with ingenuity. And yet, even the most unrestrained spirit needs to be rooted in something strong and solid. For us, those roots are our four pillars. At the simplest level, these pillars explain why we’re here. 

Here’s a primer on Alludo’s pillars: 


Whether you’re in a corner office, the corner coffee shop, a remote corner of the world or the corner of your couch, access everything you need, any time, from anywhere, on any device.  


Capture your ideas and map them into action. Collaborate. Brainstorm. Add clarity and flow. Get stuff done. We make it easy.  


Unleash your imagination with world-famous design tools that are sophisticated enough for top professionals and intuitive enough for everyone.  


Get your data and ideas into the right hands (and only the right hands). Free up space in your mind and on your devices. It couldn’t be simpler.  

Each of our globally recognizable sub-brands fit into one of these pillars, but these pillars are about more than the great products we offer. It’s about how we show up in the world and what we make possible.  

At Alludo, we empower all you do. Yes, “all you do” is a play on our name, but it’s also a way of explaining that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While our products and pillars can and do stand alone, there’s tremendous power in what these four pillars combine to elevate. 

The ability to enable, create, ideate, and share frees you from the cubicle, from the unrelenting 9-5 grind, and from trying to fit the mold of what work “should” look and feel like. These concepts enable you to capture more moments of genius—when, where, and how it suits you best.  

These pillars fit whether you’re an early riser or prefer to sleep late and work late. They fit whether you’re in a busy office or on a remote beach. They fit whether you’re an individual contributor, solopreneur, in the C-suite, or anywhere in between. They fit whether you’re in a creative or technical role. They fit whether you’re a people person, an ideas person, someone who double-checks the list, or someone who won’t go near a list. 

When we say we empower all you do, there’s a reason we don’t get specific. This new brand is a free spirit, alive with ingenuity and boundless possibility. And at Alludo, we believe that when you have the right pillars holding you up, you can aim much high