We are so not ready to stop celebrating Women’s History Month, as the formal celebration wraps up later this week. We’re here for Women’s History Month…year…decade…millennium… whatever it takes to ensure that women are seen, heard, valued, and have plenty of seats at the table.

Making a statement

Alludo continues to celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing the valuable contributions of women in society. We believe in empowering women to occupy spaces in all aspects of society, and our March Alludo Challenge is dedicated to that cause.

Our employees were invited to share their identities and showcase what they’re proud of as women.  Using a branded International Women’s Day template, participants filled in a blank to complete the phrase “I am a woman and a _______.”

We also invited our male and non-binary allies to join in by shouting out a women in their life.

The Global Communications team got the ball rolling on the challenge, sharing photos with completed cards.

SVP Global Brand and Communications Becca Chambers

And the signs and statements kept coming in all month. 

I am a woman and a foodie.

I am a woman and help run the local football supporter’s club.

I am a woman and a singer.

My daughter is a woman and an award-winning playwright (and awesome person).

Participants were entered in a raffle to win awesome Alludo swag, but we already feel like winners for getting to read these signs—and occupy some of the same spaces as these amazing Alludians.

A day of appreciation

In addition to the companywide challenge, our Maritius office celebrated Women’s History Month with a day of appreciation for the 42 female employees in that location.  Our male colleagues (led by Director of Support Danil Gonoshilin, Managing Director Avinash Ramtohul, and Chief Product and Technology Officer Prashant Ketkar) organized and hosted a surprise get-together, where they expressed their gratitude to the women for their contributions to the workplace and gifted them flowers and chocolates.

As Alludo promotes a remote-first culture, a number of the female employees in Maritius were working from home that day. For those women who were remote, the local employees recorded a short video with words of appreciation to send to each of them.   

At Alludo, we believe that the impact women make on our personal and professional lives is continuous, not just one month a year. We’re committed to ensuring that women are seen, heard, and valued. Join us in celebrating the rest of Women’s History Month and recognizing the important role that women play in society.